What is the Point of Contact for Fair Competition?

The Point of Contact for Fair Competition is a central point where you as a citizen, a company or an organization can file a report if you suspect that a citizen or a company is committing social fraud.

These facts will be passed on to the competent services in order to ascertain whether the legislation, which they are responsible for monitoring, has been infringed.

What kind of reports can you file here?

You can report the following cases:

  • Unfair competition/social dumping
  • Problems with your wages, working hours and annual leave
  • Undeclared work
  • Benefit fraud due to undeclared cohabitation/relocation
  • Well-being at work
  • Work-related discrimination
  • Economic exploitation/human trafficking
  • Child benefits fraud

No anonymous reports

Anonymous reports will not be investigated. The use of a false identity is a crime. When you report something, you must identify yourself as follows:

  • Individual citizen: with your name, national register number and e-mail address
  • Company: with your company number and e-mail address
  • Authorised professional partner: with your electronic identity card and e-mail address

Your identity is protected

The social inspectors may not disclose your identity to anyone – not even in court – unless you explicitly give your consent. They are not allowed to inform an employer or his representative of the fact that your report was at the basis of their investigation either.

Need help?

  • You do not have access to the application? Contact the local administrator of your company or the Contact Centre.
  • Do you have a technical problem? Please contact the Contact Centre.

You can call the Contact Centre between 07.00 and 20.00, Monday to Friday on 02 511 51 51. (Outside these hours you can ask to be called back. An operator from the Contact Centre will call you the next working day.)

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