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General information

What is the SIOD?

The Point of Contact for Fair Competition is part of the Social Intelligence and Investigation Service (SIOD). The SIOD is a distinct service that falls directly under the Ministers of Employment, Social Affairs and Justice, the Minister responsible for the self-employed, and the Secretary of State for Combatting Social Fraud.

The SIOD supports the federal inspection services in their fight against social fraud and illegal employment.

More information about SIOD can be found on its website (New window).

The Point of Contact for Fair Competition

The Point of Contact for Fair Competition has been created for collecting reports on social fraud.

The Point of Contact is provisionally offered as an online platform only.

The reports are stored in a secure location within the Belgian Social Security portal site. After evaluation by the SIOD, the social inspection services have access to the reports for which they are legally competent.

The Point of Contact for Fair Competition does not respond to emergency calls and is not permanently staffed.

The website of the Point of Contact for Fair Competition contains links to other websites and references to other sources of information. These are only made available for information purposes.

Reproducing information from the website is only allowed for non-commercial purposes and provided that the source is acknowledged. The same applies for copying electronic addresses.

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